Slots strategies, over 30 tips and tricks

Countless people around the globe play the popular casino game slot. The basic rules are explained clearly and quickly. Reels are made to spin with one click and the symbol combinations are evaluated using the win lines. Each player has developed their own preferences. So some prefer to play with fewer reels instead with multiple paylines. The next in turn just for one of the popular normal or progressive jackpots. Because the preferences of the players are so different, the casinos offer more and more different slot games with different symbols, themes and animations. However, what all slot players have in common is that their chances of winning should be maximized and losses minimized. So players try to develop different strategies over and over again.If you are looking for the best online slot strategy, this is the right place for you, as this article is next to the bestSlot Tips ,  dealing with the best online slot strategies .

Different slot system players have developed different strategies for the online slot. Some of these actually lead to the fact that the chances of winning can be increased. Other strategies, however, do not work. In the following we present the best slot strategies with which the chances of winning can actually be increased seriously, free of charge and with little effort. If you read through this article and want to try out one of the strategies presented in an online casino, you will find  the right online casino in our large online casino comparison , as we have only summarized the best casinos in our comparison.

Each player has to decide for himself which is the best slot strategy, as some slot strategies are a little riskier than others. Each of the following slot strategies can be used in all online casinos, as the strategies in the casino work on all different slot games. This also includes bonus rounds of the different slots, such as Double Triple Chance . If you read through all the tips and tricks carefully, you can increase both the chances of winning and the fun of the game itself. Because in all attempts to win real money online, every player should continue to have fun playing because a bored head tends to act rashly and this should be avoided at all costs when it comes to real money.

The principle of the Martingale strategy is quickly explained. It is wagered on a payline with the smallest bet until the player does not make a profit from a spin. If this happens, the stake is exactly doubled for only one win line. This is repeated until a spin has generated a profit again. If a profit was made, it is returned to only one payline with the lowest stake. Even if the Martingale strategy is explained quickly and at first glance it seems easy to understand, every player should read all other important tips and tricks about the Martingale slot strategy more carefully and ensure that it is used correctly.

The slot strategy bonus is aimed at one of the various bonuses offered by almost all online casinos. There are the following different bonuses:

The welcome bonus is only given to new customers. Anyone who has already created a player account in a certain online casino can no longer benefit from the welcome bonus. Free spins, on the other hand, can be collected from new customers and already registered customers. Various requirements, such as a certain deposit amount, must be met before they are credited to the player’s account. In the friendship promotion, which is offered by the Casino Club, for example, an already registered player can earn bonus money by a new customer registering and entering when registering that he has been referred by the already registered player.As soon as the new customer makes a first deposit, the so-called friendship bonus will be credited to the player’s account. Some casinos offer the additional deposit bonus. At 5%, for example, a player may be credited an additional 5 euros with a deposit of 100 euros. Since all bonuses are completely free, every player should definitely secure them. If you are looking for the best bonus, ourCasino bonus comparison  definitely found what you are looking for, as we have only tested the best casinos with the best bonuses in our comparison.

The slot strategy bet

The slot strategy bet  deals with the various bets that can be placed on the different pay lines. Beginners in particular should first approach carefully and choose low stakes, which is possible in the cent range with the Spinderella slot game, for example .

    You can play longer with small stakes

    Medium bets should be placed on multiple paylines

    The profit with high stakes is higher

If you opt for the high stakes, you should  combine this strategy with the bonus slot strategy , as the risk of clearing a loss can then be kept lower.

The slot strategy jackpot

The Jackpot slot strategy  deals with the two different types of jackpot, normal jackpot and progressive jackpot. The differences between the two jackpots are quickly explained:

    With the normal jackpot, the winning amount is fixed

    With the progressive jackpot, the winnings increase steadily

    The normal jackpot can also be activated with minimal stakes

    The maximum stake must be invested to participate in the progressive jackpot

Besides these differences, the basic rules are the same: Players have to reach the given symbol combination in order to win the jackpot.

The slot strategy lines

The Slot Strategy Lines  deals with all possible paylines of the various online slot games. Since some games offer up to 30 different paylines on up to 6 reels, a slot game can quickly become confusing if the player  does not know the corresponding slot rules . All advantages and disadvantages of the line strategy clearly listed:

    Little can be lost as there is only one payline bet

    Since the use and the risk of loss are very low with this strategy, it is also particularly suitable for newcomers

    All profits and losses are clear and can be planned by anyone. So there are no nasty surprises

    The fun of the game lasts longer, as the money in the player’s account only slowly decreases if there is no win

    Unfortunately, winnings cannot be guaranteed

    Winnings are lower than with a higher stake